Prof. Gregg's Environmental Geophysical Survey

The Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change offers an online graduate-level certificate and Master's degree in Environmental Geology. The master's degree and certificate are designed to meet the existing high demand for advanced geology expertise to solve industry problems, including:

  • Groundwater and Numerical modeling
  • Contaminant Migration Characterization
  • Water Chemistry and Bioremediation
  • Environmental Geophysics
  • Multi-scale Geodata analysis

Learn more by visiting the online programs page:

Online Graduate Programs in Environmental Geology


The graduate-level certificate is a 12-credit program and provides an ideal bridge into the 32-credit hour online master's degree should students desire to continue on for an advanced graduate degree. Both programs are fully online, which precludes the need for an extended absence from a current job and/or familial responsibilities, and maximizes learning flexibility.  Students typically complete this program in approximately two to three years, while maintaining their professional and personal obligations.

Please visit the program website to learn more about the courses and curriculum, career opportunities, application details and more!  We look forward to learning more about your personal and professional goals, as well as helping you determine if the master's degree or certificate program is the right fit for you!

Program Contacts:

Online Environmental Geology Graduate Programs Director : Dr. Cory Pettijohn

SESE Online Programs Coordinator: Heather Miller