You Belong

At the University of Illinois, we support each other by embracing individuality and community. Through equal access and opportunity, the University of Illinois is empowering pioneering researchers, scholars, and leaders to thrive. Join us in creating a bold, diverse and excellent future.

The Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change is firmly committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of our Department, School, and University. As outlined by the Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee the Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change maintains three overarching goals:

  • To recruit a diverse community at all levels: Undergraduate students, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff, and Faculty.
  • To provide equity for all by removing structural barriers and fairly distributing resources and opportunities.
  • To retain and promote a diverse community through inclusive practices that foster a culture that respects and values diversity of identity, background, and perspective.





Who is in your community?

Having members from different backgrounds and identities brings unique perspectives to the table resulting in a more vibrant and creative organization.

What barriers are in their way?

Processes should be continually and consistently evaluated to remove systemic biases and structural barriers to promote fair practices, treatment, and opportunities for all.

Is everyone’s voice heard?

Everyone should feel respected and valued, seeing a system that honors diversity of identity and perspective, and having the ability to influence decision making.


At the core of our commitment to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable department is creating an environment where people with different ethnic, racial, sexual, gender, and religious backgrounds can thrive. We further commit to maintaining an educational and research culture free from religious, ethnic, racial, sexual, and gender harassment and bias.

The Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change upholds and abides by campus policies on professional conduct, nondiscrimination policies, the University of Illinois University Code of Conduct, and all state and federal harassment laws. Harassment includes offensive remarks about a person’s religion, ability, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and race as well as unwanted sexual advancements. Harassment creates an educational and work environment that is intimidating, hostile, and offensive to and violates the values of the Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated and is contradictory to our Department’s values and culture.

The Department of Earth Science & Environmental Change is committed to creating an inclusive culture for all students, faculty, and staff and providing an environment that fosters success. When issues arise and we don’t meet this standard, we are committed to acting to address concerns and make improvements.