2018 Board
Members present at the April, 2018 board meeting posed on the newly rebuilt north staircase in the Natural History Building.

The Board brings together a group of dedicated alumni whose purpose is to:

  • Foster and maintain the Department’s connections with its alumni network
  • Assist the Department in the identification and solicitation of financial and other resources
  • Provide a vehicle for communication between the Department’s alumni and its faculty and students
  • Report relevant economic and employment trends, and potential student opportunities, in industry, government, and academia
  • Consult and advise the Department on its research and instructional programs
  • Provide a vehicle for Department alumni to interact with each other, for business and social purposes
  • Serve as advocates for the Department, to the university administration


Michael Bourque, Board Chair (M.S. '78)  Shell Oil (retired), Houston, TX
Bruce Johnson Past Chair (B.S. '79)  Laurel Oak Energy, Houston, TX

Daniel Blake (B.S. '60)  Professor Emeritus, UIUC Geology 
James Cokinos (B.S. '02) GIS Manager & Geologist, CGG, Houston, TX
Joan Crockett (B.S. '83) Associate Petroleum Geologist (retired), Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL
Norbert Cygan (B.S. '54; Ph.D. '62)  Chevron (retired), Denver area, CO
Nancye Dawers (M.S. '87) Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Lawrence Fieber (B.S. '83)  Burns and McDonnell (retired), Chicago, IL
James W. Granath (M.S. '73)  Consulting structural geologist, Denver area, CO
Roscoe Jackson (Ph.D. '75)  Jackson Brothers, LLC, Eureka, KS
Suzanne Kay (B.S. '70; M.S, '72)  Professor, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Stephen Kirby (B.S. '67) USGS (retired), Menlo Park, CA
Rik Lantz (B.S. '82)  SCST Inc. (Environmental consultants), Chicago, IL
Stephen Laubach (Ph.D. '86)  Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, TX
Margaret Leinen (B.S. '69) Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
Scott Lepley (B.S. '02) Senior Geologist, BP, Houston, TX
Bruce Miller  (B.S. '94; M.S. '95) VP, Director of Government & Industry Affairs, Schlumberger, Houston, TX
Patricia Santogrossi (M.S. '77)  Geophysical Insights, Houston Texas
Anna Sutton (B.S., '01; M.S. '03) Geologist and Environmental Project Mgr. at Cardno, Oswego, IL