Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Location: 2079 Natural History Building, unless otherwise indicated


January 25 - Jamie Neely, The University of Chicago, "Building a better large earthquake forecasting model with long-term fault memory" (Host: Ross Maguire)

February 1- Peter Nelson, Colorado State University, "Experimental insights on gravel-bed river morphodynamics in response to changing flow and sediment supply" (Host: Gary Parker)

February 8 - No Colloquium

February 15 - Basil Tikoff, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "The hit-and-run model for the Cretaceous-Paleogene North American Cordillera: The role of alternative hypotheses" (Host: Max Christie)

February 22 - Jiaguang Li, China University of Geosciences, "Meandering processes in non-vegetated rivers and their comparison with vegetated systems" (Host: Gary Parker)

February 29 - Jida Wang, UIUC GGIS, "Lakes as an integral part of the water cycle: Improving observations from new generation satellite missions" (Host: Jim Best)

March 7 - Scott Elrick, Illinois State Geological Survey (Host: Jim Best)

March 14 - No Colloquium, Spring Break

March 21 - Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geology, Bronwen Konecky, Washington University in St. Louis (Host: Jess Conroy & Cristi Proistosescu)

March 28 - Zhongjie Yu, UIUC, "Deciphering the isotopic imprint of nitrate in a tile-drained agricultural landscape" (Host: Tom Johnson)

April 4 - Ralph E. Grim Lecture, Alex Robel, Georgia Tech (Host: Cristi Proistosescu)

April 11 - R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture, David Zhakharov, Western Michigan University, "Ancient water-rock reactions as a record of Earth’s surface temperatures and continental exposure in the Archean" (Host: Craig Lundstrom)

April 18 - Richard Hay Lecture, Madison Myers, Montana State University (Host: Trish Gregg)

April 25 - Alumni Achievement Awardee

May 2 - Bradley Singer, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Host: Craig Lundstrom)