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Daniel Abrams

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Research Scientist, Groundwater Flow Modeler, Illinois State Water Survey

Recent Publications

Abrams, D. B., Cullen, C., & Ghiami Shomami, F. (2023). What is a static head measurement? Evaluating structural error and implications for regional groundwater modeling. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 59(3), 481-497. Article JAWR-21-0144-P. Advance online publication.

Cullen, C., Abrams, D. B., Mannix, D. H., & Kelly, W. R. (2023). Calibrating a model to 30 years of data to capture the accumulation of chloride from winter deicers in a shallow aquifer. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 59(3), 539-553. Article JAWR-21-0118-P. Advance online publication.

Cullen, C. E., & Abrams, D. B. (2022). Current State of Two Aquifer Systems in Chicago's Southwest Suburbs and Risks to Remaining Water Supply. (ISWS Contract Report; No. 2022-02). Prairie Research Institute.

Kelly, W. R., Mannix, D. H., Cullen, C., Krasowski, M. P., & Abrams, D. B. (2022). Groundwater Quality within the Silurian Dolomite Aquifer in Will County, Illinois, 2021. (ISWS Contract Report; No. CR-2022-01). Illinois State Water Survey.

Mannix, D. H., Birkenholtz, T. L., Abrams, D. B., & Cullen, C. (2022). Uncertain Waters: Participatory groundwater modelling in Chicago's suburbs. Geoforum, 132, 182-194.

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