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Daniel B Blake

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Contact Information

245 NHB
1301 W Green
M/C 102
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Description

Dan Blake remains very active in paleontology research and can be found in the department most days.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Geology

Recent Publications

Blake, D. B., & Hotchkiss, F. H. C. (2022). Origin of the subphylum Asterozoa and redescription of a Moroccan Ordovician somasteroid. Geobios, 72-73, 22-36.

Blake, D. B., & Sprinkle, J. (2021). Arceoaster hintei n. gen. n. sp., a late Silurian homeomorphic asteroid (Echinodermata, Hudsonasteridae). Journal of Paleontology, 95(1), 154-161.

Blake, D. B., Gahn, F. J., & Guensburg, T. E. (2020). An Early Ordovician (Floian) asterozoan (Echinodermata) of problematic class-level affinities. Journal of Paleontology, 94(2), 358-365.

Blake, D. B., & Koniecki, J. (2020). Taxonomy and functional morphology of the Urasterellidae (Paleozoic Asteroidea, Echinodermata). Journal of Paleontology, 94(6), 1124-1147.

Blake, D. B., Gahn, F. J., & Guensburg, T. E. (2020). Two new early Asteroidea (Echinodermata) and early asteroid evolution. Journal of Paleontology, 94(4), 734-747.

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