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David Aaron Grimley

Additional Campus Affiliations

Principal Research Scientist, Quaternary Geology, Illinois State Geological Survey
Adjunct Professor, Geology

Recent Publications

Shu, P., Kang, S., Shi, Z., Grimley, D. A., Zhang, Z., Zhao, J., Wang, H., Zhou, W., & An, Z. (2023). Southward migration of the monsoonal rainbelt hinders paleosol development and preservation in north-central China dunefield after the Middle-Late Holocene Transition. Quaternary Science Reviews, 301, Article 107919.

Grimley, D., Dendy-Metz, S. N., Conroy, J. L., & Nield, C. (2022). Hydroclimate inferences for the last glacial and penultimate glacial maxima based on fossil terrestrial gastropod assemblages and stable isotopes, central USA.

Grimley, D., & Leigh, D. S. (2022). Roxana Silt (loess) provides evidence for MIS-3 glaciation in the upper Mississippi River drainage basin, USA. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 54(5), Article 143-10.

Malone, D. H., Grimley, D. A., Gifford, J. N., Colgan, P. M., Craddock, J. P., Phillips, A. C., Meister, P. A., Lowe, T. H., & Rickels, E. S. (2022). PROVENANCE OF MIDDLE TO LATE PLEISTOCENE TILLS IN ILLINOIS, U.S.A. EVIDENCE FOR LONG-DISTANCE (~ 2000 KM) ICE TRANSPORT DURING TWO SUCCESSIVE GLACIATIONS. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 92(11), 1044-1052.

Dendy, S. N., Guenthner, W. R., Grimley, D. A., Conroy, J. L., & Counts, R. C. (2021). Detrital zircon geochronology and provenance of Pleistocene loess and contributing glacial sources, midcontinental USA. Quaternary Science Reviews, 273, Article 107201.

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