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Jennifer Druhan

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Contact Information

3020 Natural History Bldg.

Research Interests

My interests center around the ability to identify the underlying processes contributing to chemical variability during reactive transport through porous media using measurements and modeling of associated stable isotope fractionations. My recent work has involved integrating stable isotope systems in numerical models of reactive flow and transport for a variety of field and laboratory experiments.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Geology
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Recent Publications

Esteves, B. F., Druhan, J. L., & Jew, A. D. (Accepted/In press). Controls on Barite (BaSO4) Precipitation in Unconventional Reservoirs. Environmental Science and Technology.

Kurotori, T., Murugesu, M. P., Zahasky, C., Vega, B., Druhan, J. L., Benson, S. M., & Kovscek, A. R. (2023). Mixed imbibition controls the advance of wetting fluid in multiscale geological media. Advances in Water Resources, 175, Article 104429.

Noël, V., Druhan, J. L., Gundogar, A., Kovscek, A. R., Brown, G. E., & Bargar, J. R. (2023). Dynamic development of geochemical reaction fronts during hydraulic stimulation of shale. Applied Geochemistry, 148, Article 105542.

Tune, A. K., Druhan, J. L., Lawrence, C. R., & Rempe, D. M. (2023). Deep root activity overprints weathering of petrogenic organic carbon in shale. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 607, Article 118048.

Zahasky, C., Murugesu, M. P., Kurotori, T., Sutton, C., Druhan, J. L., Vega, B., Benson, S. M., & Kovscek, A. R. (2023). Quantification of the Impact of Acidified Brine on Fracture-Matrix Transport in a Naturally Fractured Shale Using in Situ Imaging and Modeling. Energy and Fuels, 37(16), 12101-12112.

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