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Jinyu Wang


Hi! I'm currently a third-year PhD candidate working with Dr. Jenny Druhan.

Using high-frequency data obtained by RiverLab, my research aims to understand riverine solute exports influenced by hydrologic events from agriculture watersheds. My recent study focuses on the disproportionate effect of storm events on mass flux of major ions in rivers across watershed scale.


BS Geology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2021)

  • Minor: Earth, Society and Environment

Awards and Honors

Harriet Wallace Outstanding Woman Undergraduate Student Award (2020)

Highlighted Publications

Wang, J., Bouchez, J., Dolant, A., Floury, P., Stumpf, A. J., Bauer, E., Keefer, L., Gaillardet, J., Kumar, P., & Druhan, J. L. (2024). Sampling frequency, load estimation and the disproportionate effect of storms on solute mass flux in rivers. Science of The Total Environment, 906, 167379.