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Leonardo Patricio Chamorro Chavez

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Mechanical Science and Engineering
Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
Associate Professor, Geology
Department Affiliate, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recent Publications

Cai, T., Chamorro, L. P., Ma, F., Zhu, Q., & Han, J. (2023). Acoustic modes of self-excited cavitating waterjets on rock erosion. Physics of fluids, 35(6), Article 063322.

Cai, T., Chamorro, L. P., Ma, F., & Han, J. (2023). Impact of nozzle lip on the cavitation cloud characteristics of self-excited cavitating waterjets. Ocean Engineering, 285, Article 115329.

El-Kebir, H., Ran, J., Lee, Y., Chamorro, L. P., Ostoja-Starzewski, M., Berlin, R., Cornejo, G. M. A., Benedetti, E., Giulianotti, P. C., & Bentsman, J. (2023). Minimally Invasive Live Tissue High-Fidelity Thermophysical Modeling Using Real-Time Thermography. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 70(6), 1849-1857.

Esquivel-Puentes, H. A., Vacca, A., Pulletikurthi, V., Doosttalab, A., Garcia-Bravo, J., Warsinger, D. M., Chamorro, L. P., & Castillo, L. (2023). On the design and power output response of hydraulic wind turbines. Energy Conversion and Management, 293, Article 117425.

Gao, Y., Paul, J. E., Chen, M., Hong, L., Chamorro, L. P., Sottos, N. R., & Geubelle, P. H. (2023). Buoyancy-Induced Convection Driven by Frontal Polymerization. Physical review letters, 130(2), Article 028101.

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