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George S Roadcap

Additional Campus Affiliations

Hydrogeologist, Illinois State Water Survey

Recent Publications

Hadley, D. R., Abrams, D. B., & Roadcap, G. S. (2019). Modeling a Large-Scale Historic Aquifer Test: Insight into the Hydrogeology of a Regional Fault Zone. GroundWater.

Mannix, D. H., Abrams, D. B., Hadley, D. R., & Roadcap, G. S. (2019). Conceptualizing leakage and storage contributions from long open interval wells in regional deep basin flow models. Hydrological Processes, 33(2), 271-282.

Abrams, D. B., Roadcap, G. S., & Mannix, D. (2018). Developing Potentiometric Surfaces and Flow Fields with a Head-Specified MODFLOW Model. GroundWater, 56(1), 8-17.

Ammons, C., Ballenger, E., Barnett, T., Bennett, S., Davis, A., Frank-Feinen, D., Gleason, K., Griffith, D., Hostetler, C., Karner, L., Koos, C., Lennhoff, C., Marlin, D., Messina, A., Mitchell, B., Moore-Wolfe, J., Rehn, A., Risley, J., Roadcap, G., ... Zimmerman, D. (2018). Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force: Findings and Recommendations.

Kelly, W. R., Abrams, D. B., Knapp, H. V., Zhang, Z., Dziegielewski, B., Hadley, D. R., Roadcap, G. S., Mannix, D. H., Lian, Y., Meyer, S. C., & Thomason, J. F. (2018). Water Supply Planning: Middle Illinois Assessment of Water Resources for Water Supply Final Report. (ISWS Contract Report ; No. CR 2018-02). Illinois State Water Survey.

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