4:00 Thursdays, unless stated otherwise below
: 165 Everitt Hall
Pre-talk reception 3:30 to 4:00, 169 Computing Applications Building (CAB)

27 Aug: No colloquium (first week of classes).  Reception at 3:30 for faculty and students.

3 Sept:  "Teaching Like a Scientist: Instructional Change in Geology"
Alison Anders and Jonathan Tomkin, UIUC

10 Sept: Ralph E. Grim Lecture
"What does calcium carbonate and gypsum tell us about the lives of fishes and jellyfishes?"
Mike Kingsford, James Cook Univ., Australia

17 Sept: "Mammoths and Mastodons in the Great Lakes: New data on the chronology and paleoecology of extinction."
Chris Widga, Illinois State Museum

24 Sept: Richard Hay Lecture
"Intracontinental earthquakes: spatiotemporal patterns and hazard assessment"
Mian Liu, University of Missouri

1 Oct: R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture
"The assembly and eruption of explosive volcanic centers: A high energy end-member of multiphase flow"
Joe Dufek, Georgia Tech

8 OctRalph E. Grim Lecture
"Very long-wavelength mantle convection, supercontinent cycles, and mantle structure evolution for the last 500 Ma"
Shijie Zhong, University of Colorado

15 OctGlenn and Susan Buckley Lecture 
"Evaluating water sustainability across the High Plains Aquifer using process-based hydrology models"
Dave Hyndman, Michigan State Univ.

22 Oct: “Paleotopography of the precambrian surface of Illinois”
Hannes Leetaru, Illinois State Geological Survey

29 Oct: "Tambora 1815: Geology, history, and climate change"
Gillen D'Arcy Wood, UIUC

5 Nov: Richard Hay Lecture
“Density, topography and erosion: the physics of links between mantle flow, surface processes, climate and density variations in the Earth’s crust"
Jean Braun, University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble

12 Nov: 2nd Annual Phillips Lecture in Paleoscience
"A haystack from a needle: Past ecosystem structure from isotopes and biomarkers"
Kate Freeman, Penn State
Location: Alice Campbell Alumni Center Ballroom (east)

19 Nov: "The core inside the Earth's inner core: signals from seismic noise interferometry"
Xiaodong Song, UIUC Geology

26 Nov: No Colloquium: Thanksgiving recess

3 DecGlenn and Susan Buckley Lecture and
2015 Dept. of Geology Alumni Achievement Award Presentation

"Environmental issues for shale gas development: A hydrogeological perspective "
John A. Cherry, Univ. of Guelph and Univ. of Waterloo

10 Dec: No Colloquium: (last week of classes)