4:00 Thursdays, unless stated otherwise below

Location: 103 Talbot Laboratory
104 South Wright Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Pre-talk reception 3:30 to 4:00, 169 Computing Applications Building (CAB)

25 August:  No colloquium (first week of classes)


1 September:  "A Hot Big Bang Theory: Magnetic Fields and the Origin of the Moon"

Charles Gammie, UIUC Department of Astronomy

8 September:  R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture

"Remote Sensing of Ground Deformation: An Indispensable Tool for Resources and Hazards Management"

Estelle Chaussard, SUNY Buffalo


15 September:  "Resolving Carbon's Rainbow from Uplands to the Deep Sea - or - What happens to Eroded Soil C?"

Neal Blair, Northwestern University


22 September: Update on the department and the Natural History Building project

Tom Johnson, Department Head


29 September: Richard L. Hay Lecture

"The ultimate question of bubbles, the universe and everything..." 

Christian Huber, Brown University

6 October: 3rd Annual Phillips Lecture (Joint Geology/Plant Biology Colloquium)

Time: 3:30PM; Location: 1000 Lincoln Hall

"The Evolutionary-Developmental Origins of Multicellularity" 

Karl Niklas, Cornell University


13 October: Ralph E. Grim Lecture

"Implications of river channel self-organization for modeling the impact of climate on mountain landscape evolution"

Colin Phillips, Northwestern University


20 October: 

"Multiscale compositional heterogeneity in Earth’s mantle and its implications for hot spot volcanism and chemistry"

Allen McNamara, Michigan State University


27 October:  
"Seconds after Impact: Insights from Tektites and Experiments"
Catherine Macris, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


Special Friday Colloquium   4:00 PM

Location:  1002 Lincoln Hall

28 October:  College of Liberal Arts and Science Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

"The changing world of geoscience: Research, Education and the Workforce"

Sharon Mosher (Illinois Geology Ph.D. 1978), Dean, Jackson School of Geoscience, UT Austin


3 November  Department of Geology Alumni Achievement Award Presentation

"The Geologic Record of Late Heavy Bombardment."

Don Lowe, Stanford University


Special Friday Colloquium   3:00 PM

Location:  1000 Lincoln Hall

4 November:  Joint GGIS-Geology-Atmospheric Science Colloquium 

"Supraglacial Rivers on the Greenland Ice Sheet"

Larry Smith, UCLA  (Remote Sensing)


10 November:  Student Lightning Talks!

Ireland Field Course 2016 Recap


17 November: Ralph E. Grim Lecture

"Deciphering the rock record of nano- to microseismicity from exhumed fault textures and thermochronometry"  

Alexis Ault, Utah State University


24 November: No Colloquium (Thanksgiving Break)


1 December: "Are ophiolites pieces of ocean crust?"

Steve Hurst, UIUC Department of Geology