Thursdays, 3:30PM unless otherwise indicated

Location: 2079 Natural History Building
Post-talk reception 4:30 to 5:00

August 31: Bruce Fouke, UIUC 
"Life Makes Rock: A Newly Forged Geobiological Perspective on Biomineralization"

September 7: Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geology 
Daniella Rempe, University of Texas at Austin
"Water storage in the earth's critical zone: the hidden role of rock moisture in regulating ecological and geochemical processes"

September 14: Chuck Langston, Univ. of Memphis Center for Earthquake Research and Information 
"From Hugo Benioff to aLIGO: Strains, Rotations, and Other New Developments in Seismology"

September 21: Chris Fielding, U Nebraska-Lincoln 
"Resolution of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in time and space: Insights from easter Australia and North America"

September 28: Grim Lecture
 John Lieske, Mayo Clinic 
"Urinary Stones: Multiple paths to a common problem"

October 5: Glenn Thackray, Idaho State
"Pacific Ocean influences on glaciation at the leading edge of North America, Olympic Peninsula, Washington"

October 12: Hay Lecture 
"Current state of eruption forecasting at the Alaska Volcano Observatory, and where we can go from here" 
Michelle Coombs, Alaska Volcano Observatory

October 19: Mauricio Ibanez-Meijia, University of Rochester 
"Active crustal foundering in the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Andean Arc"

October 26:  Grim Lecture 
"Crustal elasticity and the path from red and blue to composition and structure"
Sarah Brownlee, Wayne State University

 November 2: Kirkpatrick Lecture

"Toward a Conceptual Model Relating Subsurface Biogeochemical Landscapes to Water Flow Paths in Hills"
Sue Brantley, Penn State University 

 Friday November 3, 4:00 PM: Special Colloquium

Department of Geology 2017 Alumni Achievement Award Presentation 
Prof. Jim Kirkpatrick (Ph.D., Geology, '72) 
“NMR Spectroscopy and Computational Molecular Modeling of Mineral Surfaces and Interlayer Galleries: Structure, Dynamics and Energetics”

November 9:  Phillips Lecture
Ed Cook, Colombia University 
“Discovering Megadroughts from Long Tree-Ring Records: Climate Histories and Societal Impacts”

November 16: Diane Thompson, Boston University 
"Tropical climate change and coral reef ecosystems: learning from the past and predicting the future"

November 23: No colloquium (Thanksgiving Break)

November 30: Andrew Stumpf, Illinois State Geological Survey 
"Geothermal Exchange: New Research on UIUC campus"

December 7: Manuele Faccenda, University of Padov 
"Subduction zones dynamics and structure from coupled geodynamic and seismological modeling" December 14: No colloquium (last week of classes​)