Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Tentative Location: Room 2079 Natural History Building 
Post-talk reception: Natural History Building Rm. 3083 - "The Core"

Aug. 29:  No Colloquium (First week of classes)

Sep. 5:   Daniel Abrams, Illinois State Water Survey(host: Alison Anders)

Sep. 12:  The Richard Hay Lecture
Zhong Lu,  Southern Methodist University (Host: Trish Gregg)
"Characterizing Geohazards with InSAR and Geophysical Modeling"

Sep. 19:  The Jack Threet Lecture
Renato Almeida, University of Sao Paulo (Host: Jim Best)
"Tectonics, Sedimentary Systems and Biodiversity in Amazonia in the Cenozoic: A Sedimentary Record Perspective"

Sep. 26: GSA week - no colloquium

Oct. 3: David McConnell, North Carolina State University (host: Jonathan Tomkin)

Oct. 10: Dr. Jim Baroffio, Department of Geology Alumni Achievement Award Recipient
"Sixty Years in the Oil Patch"

Oct. 17: Grad Student Lightning Talks

Oct. 24:  Marissa Tremblay, Purdue University, (host: Willy Guenthner)
"Recontructing past Earth and Planetary Surface Environments with Cosmogenic Noble Gases"

Oct. 31: Cynthia Looy, UC Berkeley (host: Surangi Punyasena)
"Testing UV-B Radiation as a Proposed Driver of the End-Permian Mass Extinction"

Nov. 7: Annual Phillips Lecture in Paleoscience: Cathy Whitlock, Montana State University (hosts: Jess Conroy and Surangi Punyasena)
"Paleoecology, Conservation, and the Future"

Nov. 14 : Neal Iverson, Iowa State University (host: Alison Anders)

Nov. 21: ‚ÄčThe R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture, Mike Krawczynski, Washington University in St. Louis (host: Craig Lundstrom)

Nov. 28: No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 5:  No Colloquium (Last week of classes)