Fall 2023 Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Location: 2079 Natural History Building, unless otherwise indicated

For access to the Zoom link please email: Lana Holben at holben@illinois.edu


August 31 - Vince Cronin, 2023 Jahns Lecture, Cronin Projects (Host: Andy Stumpf)
'The Search for the Dog Valley Fault'

September 7 - Ken Belitz, Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture, USGS (Host: Yu-Feng Lin)
'The Quality of Groundwater Used for Public Supply in the Continental United States'

September 14 - Sophie Comer-Warner, BRIDGE fellow, University of Birmingham (Host: Jim Best)
'Drivers of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes and Nitrogen Processing in Coastal Wetlands Under Global Change'

September 21 - Julien Bouchez, Miller Visiting Scholar Lecture, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (Host: Jenny Druhan)
'Quantifying Earth Surface Processes with Metal Stable Isotopes: From the Response of Streams During Storms to the Recycling of Sediments'

September 28 - Ralph E. Grim Lecture, Jennifer Jackson, California Institute of Technology (Host: Ross Maguire)
'The Influence of Iron on Earth's Deep Volatile Cycle'

October 5 - Frederik J. Simons, Princeton University (Host: Cristi Proistosescu)
'MERMAID Tales: Earthquakes, Infrasound, Volcanic Eruptions, and Ocean Environment Monitoring'

October 12 - Mayandi Sivaguru, UIUC Carver Biotechnology Center (Host: Bruce Fouke)
'Humans as a Window to Universal Biomineralization, a GeoBioMed Perspective'

October 19 - R. James Kirkpatrick Lecture, Alyssa Atwood, Florida State University (Host: Jess Conroy)
'Tropical Pacific Climate Change Over the Last 7,000 Years - A Coral Ensemble Approach'

October 26 - Glenn and Susan Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geology, Bradley B. Sageman, Northwestern University (Host: Tom Johnson)
'Recent Advances in the Study of Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Events'

November 2 - Rita Colwell, AGU College of Fellows Distinguished Lecture Series (virtual)
'Oceans, Climate, and Human Health: Predicting Cholera During Climate Change'

November 7 - cohosted by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Jessica Tierney, University of Arizona (Host: Gan Zhang, Atmospheric Sciences)
'Patterns of Climate Change in Warmer Worlds: Insights from Paleoclimate Data Assimilation'

November 16 - No Colloquium

November 23 - No Colloquium, Fall Break

November 30 - Marisa C. Palucis, Dartmouth College (Host: Gary Parker)
'Mars on Earth: Using Terrestrial Landscapes to Quantify the Role of Climate Change on Sediment Transport Rates and Processes'