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UIUC Information for Health, Safety, Student Learning, Instruction, & Research

U of I COVID-19 (UIUC) - U of I plans for maximizing health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and university community during COVID-19 pandemic. Link-rich guides for studentsfaculty & staffacademics, and parents. Specific information for:

  1. On-Campus COVID-19 Testing - Information on Getting tested, Safer in Illinois app, Test results, Questions about testing and results, Testing locations, How often to get tested, Off-campus tests, The UIUC saliva test, On-Campus Testing Updates
  2. Illinois Community Pledge - Voluntary pledge for all UIUC faculty, staff & students involving health checks, clean hands, social distance, testing, COVID-19 etiquette, face coverings, sanitization, public health, safety training, contact tracing
  3. On-Campus Students - Academic Concerns, COVID-19 Training, On-Campus COVID-19 Testing, Basic Personal Actions, Face Covering and Social Distancing Requirements, Feeling Ill and Absences, Building Access, In The Classroom, FAQs
  4. On-Campus Instructors - Campus Requirements and Procedures, Instructor Responsibilities for Classroom Management, General Advice for Instructors, Recommended Syllabus Language
  5. Remote studentsRemote instructors


Illinois Remote - Keep Learning (CITL) - Excellent resources for students to learn remotely (online) effectively:

  1. All Student Resources (with links for Getting Started with Remote Learning, Need Technology? Troubleshooting Help?, Exam Support for Proctorio, Library Resources, Remote Access to Computer Labs, Student Wellness, Zoom: Quick Start Guide for StudentsStudent Guide for Test Taking In ProctorioMoodle Help for Students, College and Departmental Contacts for Students)
  2. Graduate Student Resources (with links for Instruction Support, Graduate College Support, Research)

Student Assistance Center (Office of Dean of Students) - Helps students understand university policies and procedures, educates them about and connects them to campus resources, and supports students in crisis. If any student does not have proper technology equipment (computer or internet connectivity) to continue your studies remotely, contact or 333-0050 and they will work with you to provide what is needed.

Illinois Remote - Keep Teaching (CITL) - Excellent resources to help with all kinds of teaching:

  1. Online and Blended Instruction Resources (with many useful videos on Student Engagement, Assessment Strategies, Platforms, Course Materials & Production, Compliance Concerns)
  2. Teaching Strategies
  3. Assessment & Exam Options
  4. Training and Support
  5. Online Teaching Academy
  6. FAQs

Illinois Remote - Keep Working (CITL) - Resources to help Illinois professionals continue to work effectively and securely from anywhere

  1. Technology Access (with links for Communication Technology including Skype for Business, Zoom, Microsoft Teams); Privacy and Security (with links for Security and Safety Services and ResourcesSecurity Contacts and Help, Virtual Private Network, 2-Factor Authentication); MediaSpace/Kaltura; Collaborative Tools (with links for U of I Box, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive)
  2. Staff Resources (with links for Illinois Human Resources, Working from Home)
  3. Illinois Remote Calendar (upcoming workshops about remote learning, teaching, working)

Illinois Remote - Keep Researching (CITL) - Resources to support researchers and to ensure safe return to on-site and field-based research activities:

  1. Mitigating Impact of COVID-19 on Research
  2. Return to Onsite ResearchCOVID-19 Campus Safety Info
  3. Innovation & COVID-19Research IT at Tech Services (with COVID-19 Resources page)
  4. Office of Undergrad Research

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) - Promotes innovative teaching to support transformative learning experiences campus-wide. Offers help with: Data Analytics, Instructional Spaces & Technologies, Marketing & Recruitment, Measurement & Evaluation, Online Program & Course Development, Teaching & Learning. Provides expert help with Illinois Compass 2gZoomi>clicker, and more. Contact them, 333-1462.

Technology Services - Provides campus-wide computing, networking, storage, communications, and instructional technology services including: Accounts & Passwords, Backup & Storage, Campus Locations, Classrooms, Labs, & Spaces, Collaboration & Web Services, Consulting Services, Data & Databases, Educational Technology (including Illinois Compass 2gKaltura & Illinois Media Space), Email, Calendar, & Conferencing, Endpoint Management, Help & Support, Hosting Services, Network, Network Management, Printing, Research, Security & Safety, Software, Apps, & Buying, Training, Video Voice & Multimedia, Virtualization & Cloud Services. Contact them, 244-7000.

Applied Technologies for Learning in Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) - Provides reliable information technology services that support educational, research and administrative activities of students, faculty and staff in LAS College. Information for: StudentsInstructionOnline TeachingResearchAdministration. Provides expert help with Moodle (for Students and Instructors), i>clicker in Moodle, and more. Contact them online-student helponline-instructor, 333-6300.


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