Facing the cancellation of the Wasatch-Uinta field camp this year, field camp directors Prof. Michael Stewart and Prof. Kurt Burmeister led the staff in developing a 6-week, intensive field camp taught entirely online. With Prof. Karen B. Gran (Univ. Minnesota-Duluth), Dr. Max Christie, Dr. Basil Tikoff (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison) and TAs Allison Dean Jones, Olivia Thurston, and Nooreen Meghani, 35 students from more than 5 institutions learned how to plot strikes and dips, create maps and cross-sections, and write geologic field reports - all over Zoom! In addition to these skills, students received valuable experience working with remote geologic datasets in Google Earth and ArcGIS Pro. The students handled the transition to online learning admirably and produced the same quality work we expect at traditional field camp. We welcome them to the Wasatch-Uinta Alumni Family, good luck graduates!!