Spring, 2020 Colloquium

Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Tentative Location: Room 2079 Natural History Building 
Post-talk reception: Natural History Building Rm. 3083 - "The Core"

Jan. 23 "Balancing Curiosity-Driven Research with Convergent Research at NSF-What it takes to Understand and Predict the Earth System", Dr. William Easterling, National Science Foundation

Jan. 30  "New Insights into North America's Midcontinent Rift", Carol Stein , University of Illinois at Chicago (Host: Song)

Feb. 6  Buckley Lecture in Environmental Geoscience
"Is subsurface plumbing responding to climate and land use changes in the Anthropocene and does it matter?", Pam Sullivan, Oregon State University (Host: Druhan)

Feb. 13 No Colloquium (Research Review)

Feb. 20 "Journey to the tallest mountains and deepest interior of the Earth", Xiaodong Song, UIUC

Feb. 27 ​Kirkpatrick Lecture
"Tracking the magmatic-hydrothermal transition in magma reservoirs: From Yellowstone zircons to Namibian pegmatites", Juliana Troch, ETH Zurich and Brown University (Host: Lundstrom)

Mar. 5  “Leveraging Climate Research & Outreach to Improve Resiliency to Extreme Events”,Trent Ford, Illinois State Climatologist (Host: Conroy)

Mar. 19  No Colloquium (Spring Break)  

Mar. 26  "Post-glacial Landscape and critical Zone Evolution in the Central Lowlands",  Alison Anders, UIUC

Apr. 2 "Composition and evolution of cratonic lithosphere: Knowns and unknowns", Lijun Liu, UIUC

Apr. 9 "The Conquest of the Wilderness and the Historic Origins of Geology Culture", Stephen K. Boss, University of Arkansas (Host: Sherilyn Williams-Stroud/ISGS)

Apr. 16  "Imaging the reactive transport properties of shales across scale", Jenny Druhan, UIUC

Apr. 23 "Cambodia's Great Lake- the Tolé Sap: evolution and current anthropogenic stresses in the Mekong River Basin", Jim Best, UIUC

Apr. 30 "The most important substance on Earth",  Craig Lundstrom, UIUC