Jan 28  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee Report and Discussion


Feb 4 "P/Ca in carbonates as a proxy for alkalinity and phosphate levels on early Earth", Miquela Ingalls, Penn State, Host: Jess Conroy


Feb 11 "Rocks for Jocks or Geology for Geniuses?", Jonathan Tomkin, UIUC


Feb 18 "Lightning Talks on Teaching and Learning in Fall 2020"


Feb 25 "How do shallow water carbonates record changes in global sea level and carbon cycling?", Adam Maloof, Princeton, Host: Alison Anders


Mar 4 Film Screening of "Picture a Scientist",  Host:Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee of the Geology Department


Mar 11 "Earthquakes, Extruding Crust, and Transient Motion: Using Geodesy to Unravel the Tectonics of the Alaska Convergent Margin.", Julie Elliott, Purdue, Host: Trish Gregg


Mar 18 "Environmental Cleanups in Soda Springs, ID and other stories from an early career geologist", Conor Neal, Environmental Protection Agency


Mar 25 "The Extraordinary Eruptive and Magmatic Complexities of the Huckleberry Ridge Tuff, Yellowstone", Colin Wilson, Victoria University, Wellington NZ, Host:Lundstrom


April 1 April Symposium of Illinois Analyses of Fresh, Original, Novel Studies  (April SILLY FOOLS) . CANCELLED



April 8   "Molecular Modeling for Teaching and Research: Especially Isotope Fractionation", Jason Boettger, University of Texas at El Paso, Host: Max Christie


April 15 Grad Student Lighting talks 

April 22 "Recent hazards cascades in high mountains – examples from North America and High Mountain Asia", Dan Shugar ,Host: Best


April 29 LAS Dean's Distinguished Lecture, "Slavery, Science, and the Eugenic Impulse: Re-Examining Charles B. Davenport’s Race-Crossing Studies", Rana Hogarth, UIUC, Department of History


May 6 "East Asian subduction dynamics & lithosphere evolution since the Jurassic",  Lijun Liu, UIUC