Department handbook

The Geology Graduate Student Handbook describes the rules and practices specific to the department's graduate program.  In it you will find the Department's philosophy of graduate education, program rules, and other information on how to successfully complete your degree.  If major changes in Department requirements occur, usually students may choose to fulfill either the requirements in effect when they began graduate study, or the new requirements. 

Current version

Geology Graduate Student Handbook (2023-2024)

Prior versions

Geology Graduate Student Handbook (August 2022)

Geology Graduate Student Handbook (February 2018)

Geology Graduate Student Handbook (August 2017)

Geology Graduate Student Handbook (August 2016)

Geology Graduate Student Handbook (February 2015)

The Graduate College Handbook

The Graduate College Handbook of Policy and Requirements for Students gives the rules for ALL graduate students at Illinois.
This gives campus-wide information and rules (e.g., Doctoral Committees and Examinations, and Time Limits).  It is more general, whereas the Department of Geology Graduate Handbook provides information specific to the Geology program.  You will consult both of these handbooks during your time here.  If a conflict between the two sets of rules occurs, the Graduate College rules usually apply.

Geology Ombudspeople

The ombudspeople are available to meet with graduate students by appointment. Please email any of the ombudspeople below to set up a meeting.

Rob Sanford

Alison Anders

Graduate Studies Committee

The graduate studies committee sets the requirements for study in the graduate program. Contact the GSC to set up your Qualifying and Preliminary Exams and for petitions. 

Lijun Liu (Chair)

Tom Johnson

Rob Sanford