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B Brandon Curry

Research Interests

Paleolimnology, paleoclimate, glacial sedimentary environments, environmental geology, digital mapping, ostracodes, databases


PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
MS, Purdue University
BS, University of California at Santa Barbara

Additional Campus Affiliations

Adjunct Professor, Geology
Principal Research Scientist, Quaternary Geology, Illinois State Geological Survey

Recent Publications

Erber, N. R., Kehew, A. E., Schaetzl, R. J., Gillespie, R., Sultan, M. E., Esch, J., Curry, B. B., Huot, S., & Yellich, J. (2022). Evidence for an Early Saginaw Lobe Ice Retreat and Drainage Adjustments Across Southern Michigan, USA.

Curry, B. (2021). Chronologies and dynamics of interlobate interactions of the southern margin of the Lake Michigan Lobe. In Geological Society of America, 2021 annual meeting; GSA connects 2021, Portland, OR Geological Society of America (GSA), Boulder, CO, United States.

Curry, B. B., Kehew, A. E., Antinao, J. L., Esch, J., Huot, S., Caron, O., & Thomason, J. F. (2021). Deglacial Kankakee Torrent, source to sink. In R. B. Waitt, & G. D. Thackray (Eds.), Untangling the Quaternary Period—A Legacy of Stephen C. Porter (pp. 317-332). (Special Paper of the Geological Society of America; Vol. 548). Geological Society of America.

Kohl, B., Curry, B. B., & Miller, M. (2021). From source to sink: Glacially eroded, Late Devonian algal “cysts” (Tasmanites) delivered to the Gulf of Mexico during the Last Glacial Maximum. Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, 133(3-4), 849-866.

Phillips, D., Anderson, A., & Curry, B. (2021). National survey of engineering geology map symbology and data repositories. 46-47.

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