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Jay D Bass

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Chemistry of the Earth’s interior, measurements of the sound velocities and elastic properties of solids and fluids by Brillouin spectroscopy and inelastic X-ray scattering, Raman scattering, diamond-anvil high-pressure research, laser heating, equations-of-state of minerals and high-pressure phases, phase transitions, shock wave studies of core materials; phase equilibrium studies at high P&T, crystal structure analyses by XRD; point defect chemistry, ceramic engineering, high temperature fracture toughening, properties of ferroelectrics and “smart” or “adaptive” materials, the structural states of amorphous materials, polyamorphism, high-temperature viscoelastic properties.


  • Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook, 1982

Courses Taught

  • GEOL 553: Chemistry of Earth's Interior

Additional Campus Affiliations

Ralph E. Grim Professor Emeritus, Geology

Recent Publications

Li, Z., He, X., Zhang, C., Lu, K., Min, B., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhao, J., Shi, L., Peng, Y., Feng, S., Deng, Z., Song, J., Liu, Q., Wang, X., Yu, R., Wang, L., Li, Y., Bass, J. D., ... Jin, C. (2023). Superconductivity above 70 K observed in lutetium polyhydrides. Science China: Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy, 66(6), Article 267411.

Yuan, S., Wang, L., Liu, F., Bass, J. D., Li, Y., Ginsberg, P. A., Zhang, D., Prakapenka, V. B., Tkachev, S., & Liu, H. (2023). Early crystallization of amorphous selenium under high pressure studied by synchrotron XRD method. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 35(26), Article 264003.

Li, Z., He, X., Zhang, C., Wang, X., Zhang, S., Jia, Y., Feng, S., Lu, K., Zhao, J., Zhang, J., Min, B., Long, Y., Yu, R., Wang, L., Ye, M., Zhang, Z., Prakapenka, V., Chariton, S., Ginsberg, P. A., ... Jin, C. (2022). Superconductivity above 200 K discovered in superhydrides of calcium. Nature communications, 13(1), Article 2863.

Zhang, J. S., Irifune, T., Hao, M., Zhang, D., Hu, Y., Tkachev, S., Dera, P., Chen, J., Jiang, Y. B., Brearley, A. J., Bass, J. D., & Prakapenka, V. (2021). Grain size dependent high-pressure elastic properties of ultrafine micro/nanocrystalline grossular. Scientific reports, 11(1), Article 22481.

Li, Y., & Bass, J. D. (2020). Single Crystal Elastic Properties of Hemimorphite, a Novel Hydrous Silicate. Minerals, 10(5), Article 425.

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