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Zebin Cao

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Contact Information

Natural History Building
1301 W Green Street


I am a Ph.D. candidate working with Prof. Lijun Liu. My research interests include lithospheric dynamics, plume dynamics, and the tectonic evolution of the North American Plate.


B.S. Marine Science, Zhejiang University, China (2017)

Courses Taught

GEOL 100 - Planet Earth

GEOL 107 - Physical Geology

GEOL 380 - Environmental Geology

Recent Publications

Liu, Y., Liu, L., Li, Y., Peng, D., Wu, Z., Cao, Z., ... & Du, Q. (2022). Global back-arc extension due to trench-parallel mid-ocean ridge subduction. Earth and Planetary Science Letters600, 117889.

Cao, Z. and Liu, L., 2021. Origin of Three‚ÄźDimensional Crustal Stress over the Conterminous United States. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, p.e2021JB022137.

Liu, L., Peng, D., Liu, L., Chen, L., Li, S., Wang, Y., Cao, Z. and Feng, M., 2021. East Asian lithospheric evolution dictated by multistage Mesozoic flat-slab subduction. Earth-Science Reviews, p.103621.