Thursdays, 3:30 PM, unless otherwise indicated
Tentative Location: Virtual via Zoom

If you would like the Zoom  link to any of the colloquiums please contact:

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Sep. 3  "Adventures in Undergraduate Research", Max Christie, UIUC

Sep. 10 "Hydrological and deformational processes governing transient seasonal slip in large, slow-moving landslides", Noah Finnegan, UC Santa Cruz, (Host: Anders)


 Sep. 17 "Microbiological and metagenomic insights into the biogeochemical weathering of Fe(II)-minerals by chemolithotrophic bacteria", Stephanie Napieralski, U Wisconsin, (Host: Sanford)


 Sep. 24 "The Inevitable Evolution of Non-dendritic Drainage Networks Toward Dendricity: How do they Do it?", Gary Parker, UIUC


 Oct. 1 "Seismic imaging of the Aleutian-Alaska subduction zone with details", Xiaotao Yang, Purdue (Host: Liu)


 Oct 8 "On The Reliability Of The EL NIÑO-Southern Oscillation Over The Last Millennium",Sylvia Dee, Rice University (Host: Proistosescu)


Oct 15 "Enhanced Rock Weathering: Basalt Amendment for Carbon Dioxide Reduction in Agriculture", IIsa Kantola, UIUC, Energy Biosciences Institute (Anders)


 Oct 21 "Extinction at the end-Cretaceous set the origin of modern Neotropical rainforests", Carlos Jaramillo, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Phillips Lecture (noon)




 Oct 29 No Colloquium


Nov 4 "From soil formation to ecosystem nutrition: what can we learn about Critical Zone processes from metal stable isotope in large rivers?", Julien Bouchez, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, (Host: Druhan) (noon)


 Nov 12 "Can we decode postglacial landscapes using modern ice-sheet beds?", Nick Holschuh, Amhurst, (Host: Christie)


Nov 19 "Looking into the subsurface: A geophysical investigation of a unique set of “spotted” hypersaline lakes in British Columbia", CanadaMitchell Barklage, ISGS (Host: Johnson)


Dec 2  "Supervolcanoes and their deposits: insights into the dynamics of large magma reservoirs", Olivier Bachmann, ETH (Host: Lundstrom)