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Stanley H Ambrose

Profile picture for Stanley H Ambrose

Contact Information

Department of Anthropology
607 S Mathews Ave.
M/C 148
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Interests

Modern Human Origins
Lithic Technology
Stable Isotope Ecology and Paleoecology
Evolution of Human Diet
Evolution of Cooperation
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology


PhD Berkeley, Anthropology, 1984
Post-doctoral Scholar, UCLA, 1984-85

Courses Taught

African Prehistory (ANTH 448)
Analysis of Lithic Technology (ANTH 452)
History Of Archaeological Theory (ANTH 461)
History of Human Evolution (ANTH 242)
Research Design and Proposal Writing (ANTH 511)
Evolution of Humans and Culture (ANTH 102)
Archaeometry: Sci methods in archaeol (ANTH 499SA)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Anthropology
Department Affiliate, Geology
Affiliate, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Professor, Center for African Studies

Recent Publications

Brukner Havelková, P., Crevecoeur, I., Varadzin, L., Ambrose, S. H., Tartar, E., Thibeault, A., Buckley, M., Villotte, S., & Varadzinová, L. (Accepted/In press). Patterns of Violence in the Pre-Neolithic Nile Valley. African Archaeological Review.

Rigaud, S., Queffelec, A., Le Bourdonnec, F. X., Alisher Kyzy, S., Ambrose, S. H., Ledevin, R., Kurbanov, R., Buzhilova, A., Berezina, N., Ziganshin, R. H., & Shnaider, S. (2023). Exploring Hypotheses on Early Holocene Caspian Seafaring Through Personal Ornaments: A Study of Changing Styles and Symbols in Western Central Asia. Open Archaeology, 9(1), Article 20220289.

Varadzin, L., Varadzinová, L., Abdallah, A., Abdallah, B. A., Abdalla Mohammed, M., Ambrose, S. H., Burgert, P., Černý, M., DˊErcole, G., Fuller, D. Q., Garcea, E. A. A., Hošek, J., Hošková, K., Jones, M. B., Kapustka, K., Madani Ahmed, I., McCool, J-P., Mohamed Hamdeen, H., Novák, J., ... Unger, J. (2023). The Shaqadud Archaeological Project (Sudan): exploring prehistoric cultural adaptations in the Sahelian hinterlands. Antiquity, 97(391), Article e2.

Varadzinová, L., Varadzin, L., & Ambrose, S. H. (2023). New radiocarbon dates for postglacial reoccupation of the Sudanese Nile. Quaternary Science Reviews, 303, Article 107953.

Lipson, M., Sawchuk, E. A., Thompson, J. C., Oppenheimer, J., Tryon, C. A., Ranhorn, K. L., de Luna, K. M., Sirak, K. A., Olalde, I., Ambrose, S. H., Arthur, J. W., Arthur, K. J. W., Ayodo, G., Bertacchi, A., Cerezo-Román, J. I., Culleton, B. J., Curtis, M. C., Davis, J., Gidna, A. O., ... Prendergast, M. E. (2022). Ancient DNA and deep population structure in sub-Saharan African foragers. Nature, 603(7900), 290-296.

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